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Inspection Cameras

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LAN & Multi-Cable Testers

If you’re installing new cable or troubleshooting an existing cable network, you need a cable tester that provides reliable and consistent results. Cable testers allow you to test, measure, and inspect cable networks to determine if they are connected correctly and if they can support required network speeds.

TestEquipmentUSA delivers a wide range of cable testers to help you determine issues for a variety of cable and network types.

Multi-Cable Testers

Our selection of multi-cable testers enables you to inspect and measure a variety of cable types. A multi-cable tester enables you to cable map, ethernet switch port blink, speaker pop, measure ohms, determine pass/fail capabilities of the cable, and much more—some of our models even allow you to print your results.

LAN Cable Testers

LAN (Local Area Network) testing allows you to determine the capabilities and limitations of a local computer network between connected devices within an area like an office or residence.

Our LAN testers allow you to determine LAN speed, discover if PoE is available, identify local hub ports, and much more. A LAN cable tester from TestEquipmentUSA allows you to efficiently test, verify, and repair LANs and LAN connected devices.

Voltage Tester

Our voltage tester enables you to detect and identify low voltage, standard voltage, or no voltage. This handy tool is a must for anyone working with cables, cords, circuit breakers, outlets, and other types of electrical wiring.

Work Smart

Our wide selection of cable testers allows you to safely test, measure, and inspect cables and cable networks. When you need test equipment you can count on choose TestEquipmentUSA.

Contact us today for detailed information about our range of cable testers and other tools and equipment.

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