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Multigas Monitors


Multigas Monitors

Wireless Monitors & HART Communicators

Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) is an industrial hybrid analog-digital automation communications protocol in which a HART-enabled master device is configured to interact with HART-enabled field devices. HART handheld communicators are great for reducing communications set-up time because you can easily transfer configuration settings and calibration information.

Find HART systems and other industrial wireless communication equipment and accessories here at TestEquipmentUSA.

About HART Communicators

HART communicators are commonly used in industrial wireless communications because they reduce maintenance costs by allowing performance data to be collected and errors to be diagnosed remotely, reducing the need for field checks.

HART communicators also allow for more comprehensive and accurate reporting through automated record keeping and their ability to take advantage of intelligent multivariable devices. These features simplify the process of demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Installation & Configuration

With the installation of a software application and an interface modem, HART-capable devices can also be configured to work with other electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, or other portable devices. Integrating your HART communicator with a PC may provide an enhanced screen display and support many additional configurations due to the extra memory and storage capacity.

In industrial environments where device configurations are critical, desktop and laptop computers are also useful as backup storage devices for data collected from HART handheld communicators.

Technical Support

Optimize your operation with top-notch HART communicators from TestEquipmentUSA. TestEquipmentUSA is committed to providing you with industry-trusted equipment at competitive prices. For more information about our HART handheld communicators, or other products we carry, contact our team of professionals.

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