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Temperature Measurement

Temperature Measurement

TestEquipment USA's extensive selection of premium, industry-trusted temperature measurement devices ensures you'll find the right tool for your commercial and industrial operations. From infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras to an array of bi-metal thermometers and indicators, we are equipped to meet almost any of your needs for temperature measuring equipment. And for further customization, we have a wide array of adapters and accessories so you can achieve optimal functionality. In high-stakes environments, where safety, accuracy, and precision are paramount, you can count on TestEquipment USA to have just the right tools for the job.

IR Thermometers and Thermal Imaging

TestEquipment USA carries a variety of infrared thermometers and thermal imaging devices for food service and industrial use. We also carry the accessories and operating software for our temperature measurement devices to ensure reliable readings at a distance.

Thermometers and Indicators

Our vast selection of thermometers and indicators will allow you to find just the right temperature measuring device for the job. With extensive options in sizes, ranges, and attachments, TestEquipment USA is prepared to meet the needs for almost any type of thermometer. We also carry adjustable-angle and shatter-proof safety varieties.


Find all the inserts and attachments your equipment might need when the job calls for it. Our selection of single and multi-channel power analyzers, fluidized baths and ballast analyzers can support your equipment with detailed readings. We also have an array of carrying cases so you can protect your investment both on the job and while traveling.

Technical Support

Not sure what you need? Contact us today and our specialists will happily assist you in determining the best temperature measuring devices for your project. Our specialists are also available to assist with proper equipment installation, maintenance, and calibration.

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