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TestEquipmentUSA provides testing and measurement equipment with associated calibration and repair services. From our calibration laboratory in Houston, Texas, we connect with professionals across the country to provide and maintain the reliable equipment that helps them to be effective, efficient, and safe at work they do.

Our Commitment to you

We are proud to serve a variety of technical fields, at to have earned the respect and trust of working professionals who rely on the equipment we provide to get their job done every day. Our business is test equipment supply for the men and women who keep our country running. These are the people who make our modern life possible in the disciplined technical ways most people don’t even consider.

From sourcing the most dependable brands and manufacturers to our own resolve in quality control, we work to ensure our processes and systems are as correct and efficient as often as they can possibly be. We strive for every unit of measuring and testing equipment repaired at our facility to return quickly to the life and purpose it was created for. Our robust technical team checks and rechecks the quality of our products and calibration services thoroughly and often so that you can measure with confidence each and every time.

Trusted Support

We stand by our commitment to superior post-sales support. It’s important that your equipment and tools receive the proper care for a long and productive lifetime of use. TestEquipmentUSA will help to ensure you find the right tools, they stay effective, and that you find them at a price matched to the lowest available cost.

Contact our expert staff for any questions about the proper use and maintenance of your equipment. We are here to provide experienced insights, as well as process any returns or exchanges should your equipment not be right for the job. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate because of our post sales support, and when you contact us, you will see why.

Trusted quality

TestEquipmentUSA provides accredited NIST equipment and traceable calibration services. Our test equipment repairs and calibrations meet the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Our real-time online calibration management software system, CAMS, enables our customers to manage their test and measurement assets with quick access to their calibration certificates. This system delivers accurate and consistent calibration information from our laboratory to where it’s needed on-site.

With trusted sources of testing equipment supply and services in test equipment repair and calibration, TestEquipmentUSA is a one-stop shop for all of your testing equipment needs.

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How to get in touch

We welcome you to contact us for any questions and to discover how TestEquipmentUSA products and calibration services can help you achieve accurate and reliable results for your operations. Please email sales@testequipmentusa.com or call us at (713) 904 4603 to speak to one of our professional representatives. Our vision is to provide our customers with testing and measurement products and services that enable them to measure with confidence.