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Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers

RF Spectrum Analyzers

Look to TestEquipmentUSA for reliable and accurate spectrum analyzers and spectrum analyzer kits. These are the models and brands trusted by RF engineers technicians to produce exacting results. They are available with accredited calibration including data and uncertainties. Find the tools you need to get the job done right at TestEquipmentUSA.

About RF Spectrum Analyzers

A radio frequency spectrum analyzer measures the amplitude versus the frequency of an input signal within its full frequency range. Several critical measurements can be obtained from spectrum analysis, such as dominant frequency, power, distortion, harmonics, and bandwidth of an input signal can be measured.

Spectrum analyzers come in various types, differing in their method of obtaining the spectrum of a signal; including swept-tuned, FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), Hybrid superheterodyne-FFT, and Realtime FFT.

From benchtop, to portable, to handheld or networked, TestEquipmentUSA carries a wide array of RF spectrum analyzers so you can choose the right tool to suit your needs.

Work With Experts

At TestEquipmentUSA, we carry an extensive inventory of products from reliable brands of testing and calibration equipment. Work with us as a cost-effective source for the testing equipment you need. And if you find it at a better price somewhere else, ask us about price matching.

Our reliable support is available before and after sale. For more information about RF spectrum analyzers, spectrum analyzer kits, their calibration, or any of our products, contact the experts at TestEquipmentUSA.

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