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Precision Instruments

Taking accurate readings is vital for construction, surveying, repair work, and a number of professional fields. Our extensive selection of commercial and industrial grade equipment enables you to take reliably accurate physical measurements up to the most rigorous industry standards. TestEquipmentUSA delivers accurate and reliable testing equipment that allows you to measure with confidence.

Calipers & Gauges

Our wide range of calipers and gauges enable you to make precise physical measurements. Remove the guesswork from detailed measurements with accurate gauges you can trust. With plumbs, machinists clamps, digimatic calipers, wall thickness gauges, radius gauges, and more, you’ll be able to measure with greater detail than ever before.

Tapes & Measures

We offer folding rulers, gage sets, and reel measures in a wide range of sizes and lengths. Make length measurements easily and accurately with traditional tape measures.

We have an extensive selection of scales to help you get an accurate weight reading. From traditional physician’s scales to countertop digital scales to bench and floor scales, we’ll certainly have what you need. We also feature calibration weights to ensure proper measurement.


Machining and other mechanical trades require exact measurements. Our micrometer selection helps you take incredibly detailed physical measurements you can rely on. With a wide variety of micrometers, you’re sure to find the perfect dimensional measurement equipment.


We also feature a wide range of physical measurement accessories. From stainless steel protractors to pin gages to full gage libraries, we have what you need to make accurate, detailed physical and dimensional measurements.

Get accurate readings you can trust with dependable physical and dimensional equipment from TestEquipmentUSA. Contact us now to discuss your measuring requirements with one of our specialists.


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