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Gas Detectors


Gas Detectors

Gas Detector Sensors and Meters

Working around volatile elements requires testing equipment you can rely on. TestEquipmentUSA delivers a wide range of gas detectors to help you track, monitor, and detect gases of many kinds.

Open Path Detectors

Our open path gas detectors analyze atmospheric fingerprints to identify toxic gases. Using infrared transmitters and receivers, these fixed detectors can identify gas in harsh environments, including dust, fog, rain, snow, and more.

The high-quality gas detector sensor can identify the presence of gas in a number of conditions, including during high humidity, and even moderate dirty optics.

Hand Held Unit

A handheld gas detector meter gives you flexibility and mobile gas detection capabilities. Detect potentially dangerous gas with a lightweight, portable gas detector. You can use it for one-time detection testing, or set it to continuous mode to alert you if a dangerous situation arises during work.

Fixed Wall Detector

Many times, you need a gas detector sensor you can take with you on a job site. However, some work sites require around the clock monitoring. Wastewater treatment plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and more require dedicated gas leak monitoring.

TestEquipmentUSA provides a wide range of fixed gas detectors for on-site monitoring you can rely on when the job calls for it.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe

Working around hazardous gases can be difficult and dangerous. You need gas detectors you can rely on to focus on the job at hand.

Our wide selection of gas detection devices gives you the air quality information you need to effectively work around volatile elements. Whether you need to test air quality on a job site, take air samples from a distance, purge gas lines, or monitor the air for dangerous conditions in an extreme environment we have the gas detector meter you need to stay safe.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to our testing equipment specialists at TestEquipmentUSA for more information on Gas Detectors

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