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Environmental Instruments

TestEquipmentUSA offers a wide range of environmental measurement instruments to help you get the job done right. Our extensive selection of field-ready environmental measurement equipment means you can find the tools you need.

We deliver reliably accurate equipment that allows for precise determinations of humidity, moisture, temperature, and other environmental factors. From thermal imaging guns to wood probes and pipe video inspection systems—we have what you need to measure with confidence.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras utilize infrared sensors that can detect precise temperatures from hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit to well below freezing. Whether you’re inspecting industrial buildings, homes, HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems, imaging cameras allow you to take images and video with accurate temperature readings.


TestEquipmentUSA delivers a wide range of meters to help you take accurate readings on surrounding environments. Our selection includes air quality meters, earth resistance clamp meters, vibration meters, thickness gauges, electromagnetic field meters, heat stress meters, malfunction meters, sound level meters, conductivity meters, salinity meters, and more.

In short, if it’s a measurable factor our environmental measurement instruments help you quantify it.


Our wide range of environmental measurement equipment includes all the tools and accessories you need to get the most from your measurement instruments. From extra probe sensors to digital scales to continuity testers—we have all the odds and ends required to make accurate measurement readings.

Measurements You Can Count On

You need to be able to depend on your environmental measurement instruments to deliver accurate readings. Our extensive instruments deliver reliably cost-effective results you can count on.

When you need to measure environmental factors, find all your environmental measurement equipment at TestEquipmentUSA. If you’re searching for just the right tool or equipment unit, contact our specialists by phone or email.


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