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Probes and Plugs


Probes and Plugs

Non-Destructive Testing

Many situations require testing equipment that won’t cause damage to the area being examined. TestEquipmentUSA has a wide range of non destructive testing equipment that enables you to take accurate readings without damaging the testing environment.

Thickness Gauges

Our selection of thickness gauges enables you to take accurate readings on a wide range of items. These non destructive testing instruments allow you to evaluate the thickness of storage tanks, load-bearing support structures, pipes, walls, and more. What’s more, the gauges are designed for use in harsh industrial and commercial environments, providing accurate thickness readings for quality assurance and corrosion testing.

Thermal Imagers

Thermal imagers allow you to “see” heat through walls and other barriers. Our non destructive thermal imagers allow you to quickly identify issues. Perfect for electrical inspection, roof inspection, heating and cooling issues, and HVAC systems.

Flaw Detectors

Flaw detectors enable you to detect hidden cracks, voids, and other cavities not visible to the naked eye. This type of non destructive testing equipment also allows you to scan for irregularities within supplies made from metal, ceramic, or plastic. Flaw detectors help you mitigate issues with flawed materials.

Hardness Testers

Hardness testing allows you to determine the characteristics of the material you are testing. Our non destructive hardness testers help you determine the functionality, wear resistance, toughness, and impact resistance of the test material.

Test Equipment You Can Count On

At TestEquipmentUSA we deliver testing equipment you can rely on. Our wide selection of non destructive testing instruments allow you to conduct tests on materials without causing damage. This allows you to conduct tests on existing structures and to test raw materials before installation.

Need non destructive testing equipment for your next job? Contact us today to discuss your testing needs with one of our equipment specialists.

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