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Call Us For Your Calibration Work in Texas

Posted by Barry Ward on

Need some dimensional calibration work done? With our MicTrac 4000 we can calibrate calipers and micrometers (both ID and OD) up to 36 inches. We can also calibrate all threaded and non-threaded ring and plug gauges. The MicTrac does depth and height gauges, dial indicators of all ranges, bore gauges, lead gauges, and pivot gauges. If you have something else that is dimensional, call us and inquire – we can probably calibrate it using the MicTrac.

 For a recent request to calibrate a height gauge, the work needed to be done on-site. Unfortunately, the MicTrak cannot easily be moved and taken on-site. For this job we had to use our gage blocks. Gage blocks are very accurately ground blocks, either of steel or ceramic, with a known coefficient of thermal expansion. By knowing the length uncertainty and the temperature deviation from 20°C (or 68°F), you can calculate the total deviation in length from the nominal value. This deviation may or may not be important. For a 6inch caliper with an accuracy of 0.001 inch, this deviation is probably not important as it is probably less than 50µinches. This value is way less that the accuracy and resolution of the caliper, so you will never see this small error. At the other end of the spectrum, when measuring a 28inch height gage, the error (without temperature compensation) might be a few hundred micro-inches. Add in temperature compensation of 5 to 10 F and you could easily get an error of ½ of a thousandth of an inch. While typical calipers cannot see this error, many micrometers will resolve to 1/10 of a thousandth, and a good height gauge should easily resolve to this level of precision. So, field calibration may not be quite as accurate, but when you can’t move the equipment, we can still offer an accurate calibration for your equipments.

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