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Electrical Equipments Calibration in Houston Texas

Posted by Barry Ward on

banner-left-2.jpgDo you need anything calibrated, but can’t find a shop to do the work? Call us. we are constantly expanding our services so we can better serve our customers. Please give us a try – I think you will be delighted! We recently had a customer need some CO (carbon monoxide) detectors calibrated. 

After looking at what was required to do this we properly calibrated these units for the customer. Sometimes we need to purchase some new equipment, sometimes we just need to understand how it works and we can use the equipment we have. I was recently asked about a certificate from another company that was done for a competitor. This “cert” was for an electrical item. 

After reading the cert I knew that this “calibration shop” really had no clue what to do, and probably had done nothing but put a sticker on it. The “cert” was garbage – incorrect units, bad numbers, too few test points, and anything else wrong that you can think about. I don’t know how you can avoid shops like this, but once you find them don’t continue to reuse them. If you think a shop is cutting corners, ask another shop or a technical friend what they think. I believe any competent shop should be willing to give an opinion to help a customer. If you can’t trust your calibration shop to do the job properly there could be terrible consequences.


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