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Hioki PW3365-20-01/1000 Power Logger Kit (Custom 1000A Kit)


Product Description

Power Logger Kit (Custom 1000A Kit)

Hioki PW3365-20-01/5000 Clamp On Power LoggerEliminate the risk of short-circuits and electrical accidentsHIOKI Clamp On Power Meters are multi-channel power measuring devices utilizing clamp sensor input to accurately and safely measure power on single-phase to three-phase lines. The PW3365-20 takes safety and convenience one step further by being the world's first non-metallic contact power meter that utilizes completely covered voltage clips that can be attached to any part of a cable or busbar. Customers can now monitor power demand and other power parameters to aid in energy audits and validate energy saving measures without risk of short-circuit accidents, power interruptions, or bodily injury due to electrocutions.Clamp On Power Logger PW3365-20 by itself does not support current and power measurements. Current and power measurements require clamp on sensors, sold separately. Use only HIOKI SD cards guaranteed to work for saving measurement data (options, sold separately).Eliminate the risk of short-circuits and electrical accidentsThe world's first instrument to offer no-metal-contact power measurementFree from the risk of short-circuit accidents since no metal comes into contact with energized parts, the Clamp On Power Logger PW3365-20 can measure voltage, current, and power right on the cable, letting you safely test in locations that were dangerous or even impossible in the past.Safe, Easy, Voltage MeasurementThe PW3365-20's dedicated voltage sensor delivers the world's first no-metal-contact measurement.Free yourself from the risk of short-circuits by measuring right on the cable sheath without ever needing to touch metal to energized partsMeasure in potentially hazardous locationsHow is voltage measured without any metallic contact?Inside the PW9020 is an electrode (a metal plate). When there is a potential difference.

  • Power Logger Kit (Custom 5000A Kit)
  • PW3365-20-01/5000 Clamp On Power Logger
  • The PW3365-20's dedicated voltage sensor delivers the world's first no-metal-contact measurement.
  • Measure between 90V to 520V in a single 400V range
  • Broadly applicable for many jobs, including leakage current measurement (an optional clamp-on leakage sensor supports measurements as low as 50 mA)

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