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Toxic Gas Detectors and Confined Space Monitors

Posted by Barry Ward on

Toxic Gas Detectors

Do you work in confined spaces or areas in proximity to hazardous gas? Some new requirements have been put in place that even requires home inspectors to carry a gas monitor going into attics or basements. It’s important to follow best industry practices for these regulations, but also for your own safety. Carry a portable gas monitor for confined spaces to help avert the risks.

Toxic Gas Detector Manufacturers

There are many different brands, you can choose from our several brands,  RKIGas ClipGDSBWSpectrex, etc. They all work on one of two technologies – catalytic beads or infra-red (IR). For catalytic beads, a small amount of gas can enter the active area of the bead.

Here the gas is “ignited” if it is flammable. This causes an electrical change in the bead. This change is detected and causes the unit to alarm. IR works by shining an IR light through the gas and analyzing the signature, or light absorbed, by the gas. This is then used to determine if a flammable gas is present.

Benefits and Drawbacks Catalytic Beads and Infra-Red Beads

Each type has its good and bad aspects. Catalytic beads need oxygen and can detect hydrogen; IR does not need to have oxygen present, but they can’t detect hydrogen. IR takes much less power, but the industry standard is the catalytic bead. Consider whether you may need to detect hydrogen in the air before purchasing a portable gas monitor for confined spaces.

Both types of units will work and do the job of keeping you or your employees safe. Personally, I prefer the IR units for their long battery life (30 days vs. 12 hours) and the fact that they don’t “cause” the flammable gas to burn. But they only work if you have it, carry it, turn it on, and properly use it. Whichever type you have, remember to follow the toxic gas detector manufacturer’s suggestions for best use.

Get Expert Insight at TestEquipmentUSA

TestEquipmentUSA carries a variety of  gas detectors and analyzers that you can use to keep yourself and your employees safe. For any questions or expert advice, you’re welcome to contact us about the best portable gas monitor for your needs.


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